Holly Sinner
This art about religion and science. 
About the first people on the Earth and all humanity. 
About Eve and the first sin.
Available like NFT art on Makers Place 
Sometimes our desires get us hooked.
1/1 original hand drawn illustration with hi-end resolution and vector file.
Available like NFT art on Makers Place 

This art was created during the war in Ukraine and was inspired by defenders of Ukrainian freedom. I’m an artist, Ukrainian artist and the art is only way to say THANK YOU to all brave Ukrainian people. Everyone of them are heroes from now and forever because they paid the highest price for so important things like a freedom, happiness and a chance to be a part of democracy world. I have no doubt that truth and human values will defeat evil. Stand with Ukraine. Be brave like Ukrainians.
Available like NFT art on Makers Place

Thank you for your time.

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